Thou shalt never be without a partner. The Weston Racquet Club is the only place in the world that unconditionally guarantees a tennis partner in your skill level whenever you want to play. Scrambling for partners and coordinating court time is over! We've made over 400,000 FLEXTIME matches since we began in 1966. Read more about our Programs.

All FLEXTIME members are skill rated on court by our resident professionals, in accordance with the National Tennis Rating Program system. Using skill level and member profile/availability data, our matchmakers deliver compatible players at your chosen court hour.

Players who are new to the sport or those who have taken time off from tennis will have the opportunity to learn. There's no need to have tennis experience to become a FLEXTIME member! New members receive two free private lessons with our pros. We will teach you to play through lessons and unlimited complimentary clinics, and our staff members will play with you until you're ready for a match against other members. All you need is the desire to play tennis.

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Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - Weston is the club for all seasons, 
where the traditions of tennis endure.
Located in Metrowest Boston, just minutes from downtown.